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Beginner Class for Teens (Ages 13-19)


The situations confronting teenagers today are different from the ones teens faced 10 or 20 years ago, and very different from the ones teens faced in the '60s and '70s.  To help our teen students overcome these obstacles our classes include high energy workouts, class discussions such as assertion vs. aggression, the three-fold approach for dealing with bullies, focus and concentration drills with background distractions, and breathing and relaxation techniques.  Through proper training of the mind and body, our teen students develop the confidence, skills and coping strategies necessary to handle the peer pressure and challenges facing them in today's classrooms and streets.

Our adult Instructors are excellent role-models who provide an exciting and safe place for teens to learn and grow into responsible adults.  And teen students who show sincere commitment in their training and display excellent character and attitude with lower ranked students, their classmates and our Instructors, are offered an opportunity for leadership training as part of our teaching staff.  With strong determination and dedication many of these young individuals are promoted to martial arts instructors and become part of our teaching staff.  Over the years we’ve offered teen students this leadership opportunity, many have gone on to achieve great successes in their lives.  They often write us or stop by to tell us how their training and experiences at Family Martial Arts Center contributed to their success.


Beginner Classes for Adults


The pressures and challenges of the 21st century are not limited to children and teens.  Today's adults face issues such as paying bills on time, job security, raising children in a technologically advanced world, the skyrocketing cost of living, surviving in a world with a questionable moral compass, and finding less and less time to just stop and smell the roses (kids, just Google it).  Today's adults experience more stress than any previous generation, and finding ways to relieve this stress and regain control over one’s life seems limited to the dubious claims of late night infomercials.

Our adult program offers scientifically based procedures to deal with this stress, and does so without the stigma of seeing a therapist, taking prescription medication, self-medicating or engaging in any behavior that might be considered self-destructive.  We begin each class with a fun, high-energy warm-up; the kind of workout that helps you sweat while also getting you to laugh.  And you will feel and observe the improvement in your stamina and strength as the weeks go by.  Then you'll practice drills designed to improve your eye, hand and leg coordination.  You'll learn how to develop power in your handstrikes and kicks through the proper alignment of your shoulders, hips, knees and feet.  How to properly align your body to block and absorb a full power punch or kick (which can actually be learned during your first lesson - imagine what you'll learn by the time you're ready for promotion to black belt).  You'll develop the aim in your hands and feet to strike exactly where you chose on a target.  You'll also learn how to defend yourself against various grabs, punches, kicks and weapon attacks.  We guarantee that when you test for Yellow Belt (about 15 weeks of training) we can have one or two Instructors grab you and you will have the necessary skill to successfully counter each and every attack.  We guarantee it.  Still not sure?  Well, our eight and nine year olds have been successfully doing this on their Yellow Belt tests for years.  You see, sometimes confidence can be influenced by the frame of reference through which we choose to look at something.  As another example, once an adult student watches a small ten-year-old break a board, the adult student instantly "acquires" all the necessary confidence and skill to break a board.  Our adult students are taught how to choose or develop proper frames of reference through which to perceive people and events in their lives; another skill that helps reduce confusion, anger and stress.


These are just some of the drills and methods we use in our adult curriculum.  Through your training you will acquire full power and control over your body, and what better way to feel a sense of regaining control over your life?  As your skills and health develop, you'll feel your stress (and most likely a few pounds) slip away.  And before you decide if our program can benefit you, you can attend free classes as a guest member.  You can attend as many classes each week as you'd like, and you can even bring a workout partner to train with you.  If you chose to stop training after the guest lessons there is no further obligation; no follow-up calls or letters. 


You know, a few years ago a survey was conducted to ask adults why they didn't train in the martial arts.  The main reason they gave was the fear of looking foolish.  We promise we will not ask you to say or do anything that might make you look foolish.  Our adult students are a supportive team who encourages each other and especially beginners.  Now, you might feel a bit intimidated with all these people walking around in what appear to be pajamas doing movements that seem straight out of a Bruce Lee movie.  But that feeling usually passes by the end of your first class.  You'll feel welcome, and a part of our family.


Give us a call today, before you talk yourself out of it again.



See for yourself what our program is all about.  Give us a call today!  We'll set an appointment for you to visit our Center for a free private Karate lesson that will teach you what you'll need to know to join the group classes.  After this lesson you can tour our studio and watch some of our classes.  You'll have a chance to see how our teachers and instructors interact with each other.  Then, on your next visit you can begin a free guest membership that will give you the opportunity to see if our program can benefit you.  If after the guest lessons you're not satisfied with our program, there is no further obligation.  And we mean it.


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