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Junior Beginner Class (Ages 6-12)






Psychologists have learned that children between the ages of 6 and 12 years develop attitudes and behaviors that will ultimately shape their adult lives.  We developed our Junior Beginner program with this in mind, making this class an important first stepping stone in a child’s life-long journey.  The family atmosphere and friendly teaching staff give children a safe place to be in the evenings, with positive role models teaching them how to have confidence and self-control.


This class combines the motions of Karate with scientific methods of behavioral instruction to teach children the attitudes and behaviors necessary for personal and academic success.  Originally created and taught by Dr. Brassard, this curriculum was taught to a group of Autistic children for eight weeks.  Differences between pre- and post-testing indicated improvements in their gross motor skills, balance, and social interactions.  During the years since this original research, Dr. Brassard has consulted with various Pediatricians, Neurologists, Psychologists, Social Workers, academic teachers and parents to keep our curriculum current with: recent scientific advances in behavioral psychology, changing teaching methods in the academic classroom, and the evolution of our social and cultural community.


Our teaching staff works closely with the student's parents and academic teachers to assure the children are displaying proper respect at home and school, and keeping up with their chores and grades.  Our Student Creed teaches our students that they should obey their parents and teachers, because it is the right thing to do.  They are taught that they are not just martial artists within the walls of our Center, but that they are also ambassadors of our program where ever they may be.  They are taught to live by the principles of Black Belt: Modesty, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, and Indomitable Spirit.


Teachers of our Junior classes are taught proper behavioral methods of working with children who have diagnoses such as ADHD, ADD, Autism, Asperger's, Downs and MR. These teachers also receive weekly supervision with Dr. Brassard to maintain their knowledge of behavioral training and their martial arts skills.  With a growing number of children being diagnosed with emotional and physical challenges, and with an influx of these children into our classroom, it becomes important that our teaching staff can use their knowledge of simple behavioral methods to make spontaneous changes in drills and activities when necessary.  Parents with children in our program can also have their clinical or behavioral questions answered by Dr. Brassard at no additional expense.


On the Fridays of Week 5 (in our five week per cycle system) we hold a Graduation Ceremony and belt promotion for students who have the appropriate class points and martial arts skill to advance to the next rank  There is never any testing or belt fees for these promotions, but each rank must be earned.  Then, every six months we have a belt promotion ceremony for students who have achieved the rank of Black Belt.


Class Schedule - Please select at least one "A" Day class and at least one "B" Day Class:

"A" Days                                                              "B" Days

Saturday at 10:00 a.m.                                        Wednesday at 5:00 p.m.     

Monday at 4:30 p.m.                                            Thursday at 5:15 p.m.

Tuesday at 5:15 p.m.                                           Friday at 5:00 p.m.

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