Family Martial Arts Center

Super Team ORole Models

Junior Leadership Team  

Our studio's Storm Team is made up of outstanding students who serve as

martial arts role models for all of our young students



Our active STORM Team members are:


STORM Team members are carefully selected by Dr. Brassard, Mr. Brassard

and the FMAC Teaching Staff by demonstrating and maintaining the following characteristics:

  • Leadership and Respect At Home, School, And In Our Studio

  • Contributing To The Improvement Of Our Studio And Our Community

  • Strict Adherence To All Rules At Home, School, And In Our Studio

  • Courtesy & Excellence As Role Models

  • Motivation To Teach And Improve Our Students

  • Dedication To Constantly Improve Their Martial Arts & Teaching Skills

  • Positive & Winning Attitude


STORM Team Demonstration
"Boot To The Head"
December 18, 1998

Ed Gruberman (Nick Seibert) tells the Master Teacher (James Hamel) 
that he wants to learn how to "beat people up."

To teach him the true meaning of "Tae Kwon Leap" the Master Teacher
gives Mr. Gruberman a boot to the head. 


 Unable to grasp the Teacher's message, 
Mr. Gruberman receives a second boot to the head.


 After a failed sneak attack on the Master Teacher, a second student (Yanina Fusaro)
also receives a boot to the head.

Also participating in the demonstration were Matthew Maynard and Ashley Wiljanen.

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