Family Martial Arts Center

The Original Forms List


  • Star Block Set
  • Finger Set


  • Short Form #1
  • Long Form #1
  • Short Form #2
  • Long Form #2
  • Short Form #3
  • Long Form #3
  • Form #4
  • Form #5
  • Form #6

The forms: Short #4, Short #5, and Short #6 were not originally part of the American Kenpo system. Those forms are merely variations of the original longer forms. For example, Short Form #4 consisted of: Protecting Fans - Right Side, Darting Leaves - Left Side, Unfurling Crane - Right Side, Destructive Kneel - Left Side, etc. Thus, the motion of these forms are redundant to the motion in the original forms and therefore do not contribute anything unique to the base motion of American Kenpo.


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